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How to increase throw in soy!!

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What FOs are you unhappy with?

Some FOs are more soy-friendly than others, so it's a testing period to determine which of your favorite scents will work.

CandleScience has this nice "soy rating" system they measure their fragrances by, and a couple (like dreamsicle and another I cannot remember the name of right now) are not recommended for use with soy.

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i tried about every thing possible to try to get a better HT..

beeswax..palm enhancer...ect...i finally decided to just use my wax as it was..

if a fo didn't have a good ht..i went on to the next one..

i use gb 415...and you will go thru lots and lots of fo's that do not have a good ht with this wax..but i think all waxes are this way to a certain extent..

i tried even mixing the different types of gb soy waxes..

so the best advise i can give is check here on recomendations of people that uses your wax type...

and just test..test..and test some more...:)

i have right now 20 different fo's, test curing right now..

i will be happy if i get 5-10 that do well for me..

but they all smell wonderful..in the wax..

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Are you letting the candles cure before test burning? Some FOs cure in 24-48 hours while others can take a week or longer. And like others have mentioned you have to be prepared to do a lot of sampling to find oils that throw well in soy.

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