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600% more scent throw!! wow

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When you burn my candles, Jesus will come down and kiss you on the forehead. You won't see him, but many customers claim that they can feel his presence every time they burn my candles...

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I thought you could only have 100% of anything.

Well, true, but you can have any percentage _more_ than something else.

Those candles may well throw "10x" better and have 6x more FO than a "Major Brand" reference candle. I'm sure some of those brands use around 2% FO, and 12% is, if not a great idea, within the realm of possibility.

The 10 times the "throw" part is ridiculous because of the attempt to quantify it without any quantitative data, but it's the same _type_ of claim an awful lot of candle manufacturers make.

I'll stick with "strongly scented" or something like that for myself, and even there I wonder if I'm stretching it. Problem is that there's no standard or even anything close. Review sites like http://www.crazyforcandles.com/comparison.html are left without anything more specific than "fills a room".

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