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Naming help for an accidental blend....


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Hey all! I bought samples of Coconut Lime Verbena and Sage & Citrus fos, didn't personally care for either oob so I decided to mix them together when I used them. My DH gave one of the candles to a woman in his office for Secretary's Day and she loves it? :rolleyes2 So now I need to mix more for her and I'm having trouble coming up with an original name. The best I could do was Citrus & Herbs (I left out the coconut b/c I can't really smell it in this blend). Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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I would not give too much in the name. Keep people guessing.

Tropical Citrus

Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunrise

Island Sunset

Island Sunrise

Citrus Splendor

Tropical Splendor

Herbal Citrus

Citrus Dream

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It's amazing how just *hearing* a few suggestions can open the floodgate on ideas! :)

I know what you mean. Sometimes the best names come from playing around with suggestions that people gave you. My kids do this for me. They toss so many names at me. Then something clicks that I never thought of, and was not even suggested. :)

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