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Candlemaking demo


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I've been asked to do a candlemaking demo for an event at one of my consignment stores. The event would last 3 hours with people coming in and out all evening.

I just can't imagine what I would do during that time. I must have a mental block about it. I only make container candles, no pillars, so I wouldn't think it would be very interesting watching me pour wax into jars.

Has anyone ever done/seen one of these? I would like to do it for the publicity. I would be the only demo at the store and would be featured in the advertising for the event.

I don't want to be a dud, though.


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I agree with Vicki

Something complicated so it doesn't look like it is "melt wax, stick in wick, pour, light candle" That way, the people who are really interested in making them will hear you talk about the testing (and hope they take it to heart) since they will probably stick around for a while.

Sounds like maybe it is something that people can come and go as they please. So, maybe have a flyer that talks about testing, costs and maybe a few "helpful hints and safety measures"

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I would approach this as teaching a class. Write out an outline of what to do for making a container candle.

1. Wax types; the type you will be using for your demonstration; characteristics of it and why it works for containers; heating and flash point temp

2. Wicks; different types of wicks used for different candle applications; wick you are using for the container and why; wicking techniques; centering tools

3. Coloring and scenting the wax; what type oils work in the wax; FOs, EOs, how much and when to add, etc.

4. Pouring the wax; pouring temps and what pouring temp range works for this container wax; pouring the wax; heated jar vs non heated jars

5. Waiting for the wax to cool; discuss places to get basic candle supplies; have printouts of a few suppliers to get started making candles

6. Q&A - take questions at this point and make sure you have promotional material for class; biz cards, brochures, craft show calender, candles for purchase especially ones similar to the one made in the demo

I find once you draw out an outline you start getting organized and know what you want to do and have a curriculum you can distribute so people can use it as to get started making their own candles.

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A couple more things. Make sure when you set up at the show you start melting your wax early and let it melt while you finish setting up so it will be ready when you are. A couple of days before the show write out a list of everything you need to take to use for the demo making sure you also take extra wicks, jars, scent, etc. When you get ready to pack for the show check each item on your list to make sure you do not forget anything!

When you make your class/demo outline try to determine how many minutes you want to spend on each topic; eg.; 10 minutes on wax; 10 on wicks; etc. This will give you an idea of how long the demo will last and a schedule to use during the demo to stay on track. You will probably need 45 minutes to an hour for each demo plus a break time between demos.

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Thanks for the ideas. I was thinking of maybe doing chunk containers. They would be a little easier than layers, I think, in terms of having to time things just right. I could do maybe three sets, pouring four jars each, and then start over. That would take about an hour for each mini-demo. That way, people could see and hear a good part of the demo but move on to the next store to see its promotion. Its kind of an "about town" event with different stores and restaurants participating.

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