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Pine for Ornies


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Has anyone here ever found a pine scent that is strong in ornies? I have tried BCN Northwoods Christmas and Oh Christmas Tree and they both don't really have any lasting power although Northwoods was better than Christmas Tree.

I have a couple customers that are pine fanatics.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Hhmmm. I have some Mistletoe but it is not from CS. Now that I think of it that was the only pine related FO I could get to work in reed diffusers.

I think I will give that one a try.

Thank you!

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I've never made ornaments, but for wickless I do make soy tarts, fragrance burner oil and reed diffusers. One of my testers also likes the Pine scents.

I have tried several with good results and feedback but the one that she went crazy for is Rocky Mountains from Elements Bath and Body. She had a party and put a little of the fragrance oil in the burner. Everyone who came in the door commented on the fragrance and wanted to know where they could buy it.

Elements has also picked up Fragrance Oil Heaven's oils, which has a Pine scent. I haven't tried the FOH oils yet, but they have excellent reviews. That one is called Rock Mountain Christmas. Next on my list to try for my tester. Might be worth a look.

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TUI apparently - Rocky Mountain Christmas is the name
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It might be yes, I vaguely remember reading it was renamed, but I don't recall the original name. Already tried that one?

Just looked, yup that was it, Christmas Pines.

Thought so. I've been using it for years in soap. Will have to try it in candles too. One of my fav pines!

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