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paraffin supplier southern Illinois

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I'm still looking for a paraffin supplier near me (under 2 hrs drive). I can get to St Louis MO, or Evansville IN in under 2 hrs ...

Any one know of a place? I have found a wonderful soy supplier in st louis, but still need paraffin. SH has went up to 28.00 per case at Candle science!!

Thanks for any information anyone has!

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Yes, I have bought from Gale at DPS morris a couple of times, It took 5.5 hrs to get there if I remember right! They are nearly to chicago, I'm in the bottom third of state. Thanks for the replys though.

I'm sorry, as to the soy supplier in St Louis, I was being a sloppy with my description. I'm getting it from Gateway in Dupo too. After I drive a couple of hours that direction, I go shopping while I'm over there and just consider myself in St Louis area!

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