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Mr Missy Review In Soaps...


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Was wondering if anyone experiences the same thing I do with a lot of his oils? I ordered from MM and had a bad experience, but I'm not trying to bash the supplier here, but I was wondering how many of you use his oils in soap? I've tried them in wax and a lot of them are wonderful....but in soap....strange things.

I tried the watermelon fo, that came out just fine. I tried a vanilla scent of his which discolored, no surprise. I tried a raspberry of his, and THAT discolored too? Never had a straight up raspberry do that. Tulip...same thing. I've NEVER had a floral discolor on me like that, turned a serious dark brown.

I know it's not my recipe, it's GOTTA be the FO. I'm about to try his peony scent, and I'm hoping that doesn't do it.

Anyone ever had this happen?

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are they skin safe?

I see that Mr Missy is not on the SRB - I'll ask Lilli, but I suspect it's because he sells closeout fragrances and when they are gone, they're gone so I'm not sure how helpful databasing them is in the long run.

beware, florals tend to seize - or at least accelerate.

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