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where to find printed sachet bags


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Yeah they were cloth with the drawstring. I swear I still have one someone in my work room so I'm gonna try and find it today and I'll post a pic. It's driving me nuts that I can't remember where I ordered them from!

I checked out papermart but they didnt have what I was looking for.

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Well I finally decided to go through some old invoices and found it was Rustic Escentuals that I got them from A LONG time ago and of course there not on their site now...bummer. I guess I could make them but I'm not big on sewing :(

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I had ordered a couple printed sachet bags with a fishing design on them and for the life of me can not remember where I ordered them from. Anyone have an idea where I can get some like that?


I found them at Pouchmart.com, they are 60bags hot stamped for $89.00.


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