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lip pot labels??


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I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction for lip balm/gloss pot labels. I have the daisy shaped ones as well as the little round 1/2 oz ones. Would anyone be willing to share what size labels they are using on either/both of these? I would really hate to have to order a million different sizes to find the ones that fit correctly. Thanks in advance!!!

Links to the ones I have:



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If anyone is interested or having issues labeling these containers I ended up going with a 3/4" round label (Avery) that I found at Staples. I was able to get contact info, flavor name & net weight on it. I packaged them in little cello bags with another label on the outside of the bag that matches my regular product labels and includes the ingredient info and closed it up with curling ribbon that matches the lip balm color.

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OnlineLabels has about every size in every type from clear gloss to kraft as well a weather proof labels that prevent smearing when wet. They also supply free templates for many application including MS Word, Print Studio and Print Shop.

You can also request some free sample sheets.

Gosh I sound like a commercial.



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Yep, I use them for quite a few sizes of labels already.

I originally asked because I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction size wise so I didn't have to order a bunch of different sizes. Unfortunately I ordered so many different sizes and styles of label samples when I was completely redesigning my packaging and labeling trying to get it just right that they shut me off :o so I have to pay for them when I get samples for now.

Now that I know this size works I will definitely order from them and to be able to print them without having to mess with printing those little sheets. I had just grabbed them at Staples because I was there, they looked like they would fit and I figured I could use them as price labels for an upcoming yard sale if they didn't so it wouldn't be a waste.

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