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Needing to Order from Tennesse Candle


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I would also like some really great, fantastic, can't live without scent suggestions. :cheesy2: I also need to order This Old House but keep putting off cause that is the only oil I order from them. This Old House is really great, very good cold & hot throw in my paraffin.

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Tennessee is one of my main suppliers…Here are just a few that are great in my paraffin blend:

Pumpkin Soufflé

Cinnamon Bread Pudding

Sugar Cookie

Amish Spice

Red Hot Cinnamon

Kettle Corn

Vanilla Bean Noel

Blackberry Pie

Spiced Clove

This Old House

Winter Candy Apple

Apple Mango Tango

Bubble Gum

Verbena Berry

True Lavender

Lavender Milk



Glow Type

Fresh Linen

Baby Powder

I know there’s more but these are ones off the top of my head. lol

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TN has great oils, I use a lot of them. I only had issues with one oil , that was strawberry jam, I used it for years, it was my best seller, but one time I ordered it and it was different. It smelled different, it was thicker than usual and every candle made with it was full of major oil seepage. I complained , even sent some of the oil and a candle to them. They said it was fine, it obviously was not IMHO!

I scrapped all the jars I made , melted em down, dumped it all. And went on to find a new supplier for strawberry jam (BCN)

I still order from TN but I have replaced several FO's because I do not like the fact that the straw. jam was not a quality oil and I wasted a lot of wax/oil/$$ on it!!

I expect a supplier to be upfront and honest if there is a problem, and they were not! Telling me the candle oil was retested and it was fine was BS.

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