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interesting trip to a flea market today

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Came across a lady selling soy candles in 8 oz jars. Looked at her sign which said Soy Candles Hypo allergenic. I checked out a few of her scents, kudzu,Amish harvest,pine. She had untrimmed wicks in them, not much scent, way off center and she told me they where hypo allergenic because they where soy. She also went on to tell me that her 8 oz jars burned over 80 hrs. Then she started telling me about a phone call she just got from her father and how she guilt-ed him into coming to visit her kids:shocked2: I excused myself after that.

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Doesn't it make you proud cause you know better:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:maybe you should have shared CT with her. Maybe not. LOL

probably better you didnt.. lol.

Yeah, I've run across people like that too. I probably would have made a snarky comment though..

"wow... 80 hours?! I wish I knew how to do magic tricks..."

"80 hour burn time? How cool that you managed to fit 25 extra hours in there! Thats like Marry Poppins purse!"

I did just encounter a lady who said she wanted me to confirm my candles burn time.. I said between 35-55 (although I've gotten 60 our of a few of them, just barely.) because as we all know, it depends upon ALOT of factors so I never would guarantee any length of time.. she goes "oh well, I'll get this other ladies then.. hers is 100 hours." Hmm.. so I look at these magic 100 hour candles... they are 8oz square masons too.


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I actually write down the total burn hours of my test candle from beginning to end. I do that a couple of times for each jar and wax combo to make sure I have a consistent burn time.

Even if you claim all 8 oz in an 8 oz jar you still have to account for net weight when pouring (is it really 8 oz or 6 3/4 oz?) plus the wax left over from the neck of the wick tab stopping the last of the wax from being consumed. So for an 8 oz candle you may only have around 6 oz or even less of consummable wax.

For eg.; if your wax burns at the rate of 7-10 hours per oz you will get a burn range of 42-60 hours with 6 oz of consumable wax. Depending on your wax the burn rate varies.

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