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Really Bummed by My Local CA Supplier

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I was so excited to find that General Wax is within driving distance for me, although 90 miles away through Los Angeles traffic, but still pretty "local." Figured I was going to save on shipping fees for waxes and containers. But I just compared their prices on exactly the same wax, and they charge quite a bit more than the other suppliers. Once I figured in gas costs and sales tax, it's cheaper for me to buy from Peaks even with the $50 shipping fee. I'm so bummed, and I can't figure out why Gen Wax charges $50 more for the exact same product (one case of IGI 6006). Am I missing something?

I've gone through the suppliers by state list but could only find Gen Wax in CA. Does anyone know of any other suppliers in California?


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$50 more is pretty steep. Did you check to see if they have price breaks when buying more than one case? Maybe if you buy 5 or more you get a better price.

I am in the same boat. No candle wax suppliers in Virginia. I order from CS in NC or travel to C&S in PA for wax. C&S is a 4 hr drive but still saves me shipping costs to drive out so I make the trip 2-3 times a year.

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what about yaleys..i think it is up around Sacramento..but don't know

it they carry your wax...

Thanks for the reminder about Yaleys. I was thinking they were just a big wholesaler to places like Michaels. I see they carry EcoSoya at a reasonable price. I am new to all this, so I am not married to any type of wax yet. I was just wanting to start with parrafin or a soy-parrifin blend since it seems to be a little easier to work with. But I may be switching to EcoSoya brand because of the price! My family lives near Yaley, so it would be even cheaper for me to swing by and stock up when I drive North to visit the family.

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Just a thought, why not ask Gen Wax if they would give you the same pricing as another online source?

I thought about that and think I will. The weird thing is they didn't have the IGI 6006 at their physical store, and the employees didn't know what I was talking about. Maybe they only sell it in their online store. I'll send an email and ask. $50 more than their competitors is ridiculous!

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I too use the 6006 and live in Northern Ca. I did some price checking and here is what I got from several suppliers for this wax by the case. (including shipping)

Genwax $149.28 (ca company)

CS $132.94

WCS $136.40

Lonestar $126.28

Peak $110.03

Its way cheaper for me to have a case shipped across country then to get it here local.


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Have you tried Swans Candles? (WA) Shipping is useally to my Dads in San Ramon, CA only 38.00? But I dont know where you are.

Thanks for the info they dont seem to have IGI6006 they do have a wax that sounds close $103.68 for a 55lb case.

Calwax CB30 Paraffin & Soy Blend Container Wax

Calwax CB30 Paraffin (70%)/Soy (30%) Single pour blend for container candles & tealights. Works best for tarts/wax melts. Formulated to maximize adhesion and minimize shrinkage. This product is a true “one pour” in all but the largest containers. Because of its low melt point and softness it will burn down cleanly and completely even in large diameter containers. Its creamy appearance allows colors to have depth and intensity. This base can hold and disperse high fragrance levels without additional additives. A pour temperature of 155 F is recommended. Works well with all types of wicks & containers.

has anyone ever used this wax?


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