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Boy do I make good bath bombs?!?


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Tonight my whole body was so achy I decided to test/break out one of my new formula bubbling bath bombs scented Lavender Martini.

Filled the tub, popped in the bomb and inserted self...decided not to wash my hair or face in the tub so as not to disturb my bubbles and relaxation time. Thoroughly enjoyable and so relaxing.

Stepped out and wrapped up in my cozy robe...hair and face still needed washing so tipped over my sink and completed those tasks. All was good in the world until I realized I applied my leave-in hair conditioner to my face and combed my night facial cream through my hair :confused:...do you think maybe I drank the Lavender Martini water too?

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Ha...it took me two shampoos to get the night cream out of my hair...I think next time I'll try a Shirley Temple bomb!

LouLou, I love the Lavender Martini FO...very subtle lavender amid some complex other stuff that I can't identify. I'm not a huge lavender lover, but I do love this FO.

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