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Goat's milk soap receipe opinion


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Wondering if I should change anything with this receipe. Very nice, soft feeling soap. Love goat's milk soap.

Palm Kernel 3.36 oz.

shea butter 3.84

lard 5.28

coconut oil 13.44

olive oil 19.68

castor oil 2.4 oz.

goat's milk powder (paste) added to lye/oil mixture. Made soap with room temperature method.

<img src="http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb302/diinman/dcp_4888.jpg">

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I used to use the powder and made it not quite double the recommended strength and then suspended the milk in a small stainless bowl surrounded with ice cubes and kept the temp below 100 degrees. The soap always left a really silky feeling on the skin. I may have to go back to that recipe. Pretty soap, nice recipe. HTH.


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Hi DebK,

in relation to your post on goats milk soap I was just wondering if you could tell me at what stage you add the powder. I am interested in also using the room temp method but not to sure if you need to make a paste with the powder etc. Your help would be greatly appreciated :-)


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