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Using the Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Molds


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I thought I would post some bath bomb instruction, to go along with the bath bomb molds from the co-op

First thing: The mix.

I dont use any water, just oils to bind. My basic mix is Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Sea Salt, and SLS. I use cocoa butter and apricot kernel oil, but you could use just about any oil and butter to bind the mix. I use a GIANT metal bowl I found in a cooking store, it gives me more room to work.

I mix my melted butters in first, then my FO, and use the oil to finish the mix. Make sure you blend REALLY well because chunks of oil or FO not completely blended in can cause problems for you later. I pick up handfuls and rub my palms together to break it all up.

options... I let people choose whether or not they want sls.. and I have had requests for no corn starch. When they dont want corn starch (some people believe it causes yeast infections) I will powder some epson salt, and use 50% sodium bicarbonate, 50% powdered epson.

OK so you have your mix, what I do now is generally seperate it into two bowls and color one half, then color the other half. Then kinda "smoosh" it back into the side of the big bowl. Get half the mold into each hand and start from either side, press to the center. You want it prettty tightly packed even in the bowl, with about 1/4" mix inbetween the two bowls. Then I take the mold filled with mix and press onto the counter with all my weight. Then I flip it over and do it again. Using my finger I wipe the excess from around the mold, then twist REALLY gently to release the seal. Not a full twist, just a teeny tiny little twist. I pull the top off, flip it over and the bottom half should pop right off too.

I wipe the mold clean with my thumb, and go again!

It may take a failed batch or two go get the feel for it, but not all is lost. If you mess up a batch, you can lay it out on some paper towels, let it dry, give it a whirl through a food processor or crush it by hand and mix in some additional salts... voila! Fizzing salts.

Any questions anyone has post them and I'll try to answer and I'm sure some of the other experienced bath bomb makers will answer too! I was never able to product very fast before but now I can make 20 bath bombs in about 15 minutes from start to finish!

Some other tips: You can save some time by pre-mixing your powders into a gallon size ziplock bag and labeling it... that way all you have to do is worry about mixing your oils, fragrance, and color.


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I'm not sure.. I didnt try that recipe, but with the milk powder in it I wouldnt be sure how to proceed because I've never worked with it before, for some reason all I can think is it might get sticky. I would replace that 1/2 cup with sea salt (or Epsom) and then try...

I dont use any measured amount of oil because every time it varies ever so slightly... I just put it in a squeeze bottle and add/take away as needed.

The dry measurements look good.. I'd mix up the dry, then slowly add the oils and butters. Test it as you go, try making a bomb with it... if it crumbles, it needs a bit more oil. If it sticks to the mold, its too much. you cant do much about adding too much but you can always add more oil if its not enough.

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