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Per CS, all wicks are created equal??

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I used to purchase my zinc wicks from CS. Since they no longer carry them, I've had to naturally buy them elsewhere.

The 36-24-24z I'm buying elsewhere (Alabaster & Peaks) is giving me fits!! The CS version of this wick always performed beautifully. Now that I've switched, I have a few FO's that are drowning :(

I contacted CS and asked them if they knew where I could purchase ones EXACTLY like theirs. Their response indicated that I could pretty much buy them anywhere because they're all the same.

Ummmm, I beg to differ!

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I had a similar problem. The wicking is the same but the treatment can vary from one supplier to the next. I used to buy mine from CS too so when they stopped selling them I starting using C&S in PA. They have all the sizes I need and their wicks work great in my parasoy blend.

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I have zinc wicks from both Peaks and Lonestar, and they are definitely not the same. Okay, the same in nature, but they don't perfom the same. I liked the zincs from CS too. When they stopped carrying them, I tried others, but wasn't completely satisfied. Now I'm trying ECO's. I like the way they burn so far, but I don't think my HT is as good. I may have to try C&S zincs if these fall through. Thanks for the info.


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