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Little plastic thingies

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I would like to order some of those little plastic thingies that are put on the top of candles before sealing them and I know I saw some of you talking about them a while back, but I can not find the post.

Does anyone use them? What are they called? Where can I get them??

Google doesn't know what to do when I search 'little plastic thingies' ! LOL

Please help.....Tom

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search google for plastic candle lids, or plastic candle covers. i think thats what i did before and it brough up a site. not sure if that is what your looking for or not but worth a shot :)

i thought people just punched out a hole in the top of the shrink wrap lol

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.04 cents each ! ! !


That is a bit ridicules. I guess one is paying for the fancy name, 'End Cap', and three holes. Now if they were called 'Little Plastic Thingies' and only had two holes I'm sure they would be about .01 cents each.

Oh well, I guess I'll order 1000 and then start figuring out a way to make them myself - CHEAPER ! !


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I just thought of this...with gel candles we used to get a box of those plastic transparencies (for the overhead projectors) and cut what size we needed out of those. We'd use them to keep the gel from getting dusty.

That might be a better option for you, if you haven't placed an order already.

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That is exactly what I was thinking of when I was looking for a clear sheet at Micheal's.

Thanks Jen! I will have to try an office supply place.

Yes, I am sure that an office supply place would carry "little plastic thingies". I've seen alot of "little plastic thingies" there . . .:laugh2:

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