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Check out this Ad I found on Craigslist today...

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I look at Craigslist daily and I just found this listed...Does this seem odd to any of you? :confused:

Great Thursday Morning to All!

I sure hope it's thawing out in the midwest cause you have candles to sell!!

So we have some great specials to make you more profitable and put more of that hard earned money back in your pocket!

We have been having great luck with the ECO waxes, Everyone who has tried these likes the results and the profits that this wax gives you. A couple of great points about this product.

High Quality Paraffin with a polymer for better fragrance retention, I have personally added up to 9% and everyone that has burned these say they are the best candles they have ever had. Use the zinc core wicks for slower burn, or the EVO wicks for a hotter melt pool. Either way, a great candle, We have tested and tested. This is from a MAJOR MANUFACTURER and they do not skimp on quality..

So we are offering a special for our crafters to get this product in thier hands for less than ever!

Every ECO wax is priced at 500 lb minimum. 16 lb slabs, approx 32 slabs.

$125.00 price shipped on a truck. Example 500 Lbs to Ohio from Florida is $103.00 Total would be $228.00 with shipping.(You pay the truck line so you get all the discount)

That's That's 46 cents a pound delivered! It gets cheaper the more you buy, and if your close, come pick it up yourself.

Now that the wax is on sale, Let's talk about FRAGRANCE!

If you order the 500 lb special, we will sell you fragrance at $4.99 per pound, the shipping will be the same as we will ship the fragrance on the same skid, So in a sense, It's free if it shipped at the same time.

Now it gets better, If you order BULK FRAGRANCE, That's at least 25 Lbs of one fragrance in a 5 gallon bucket with a spout, I will sell you Fragrance for $3.00 a pound!

Now, Let's do the math...

16 ounce candle...Average jar price $.75 cents

Wax..$.46 cents

Fragrance...9% fragrance = 1.44 ounces =$.27 cents

Color...Couple of pennies

Total...$1.50 per candle...What could you sell your Strong smelling candle for? $6.00 ?....$8.00?...even $12.00

See how this works?

This is the only wax I use for local fundraisers and people can not get enough!

And for you real adventurous souls......We have some bulk waxes that have not been put into slabs for for $.15 cents a pound! 1200 lb Minimum!

We did a local fundraiser that made a lot of money for the local school. The school made $2500.00 for the football team, And our profit was $2500.00...Could you use that kind of cash today?...I thought so!

Here is another project that is a great one, CHUNK CANDLES! No sinking, no topping! Call us directly and I can tell you how to make a great looking pillar candle without the container...That's more cash in YOUR POCKET!

Here's another idea?

Ever had anyone ask where they can buy supplies locally?

You could offer local candle supplies and make more money in your pocket!

Craiglist is free advertising...Call us about our affiliate supplier program! 239-895-2661

Also We have some candlemaking supplies in the Chillicothe, Ohio area. Call us on what's available! 239-895-2661

Wicks, Color Hemp Oil waxes, Scales, ALL ON SALE...BUT YOU HAVE TO CALL!


Think outside the box and come up with new ideas! We would love to hear about them!


Have a wonderful and profitable day!

The Team at MR MISSYS

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What do you mean by odd?

I guess I wouldn't expect a company of their caliber to advertise on Craigslist given all the fraud issues Craigslist has. In my eyes, it just kind of cheapens the product. I've never ordered from them and I've seen mixed reviews but I can't imagine ordering a large amount of supplies through an ad on Craigslist. Just a little scary for me!

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Sounds like it may be Mr Missy's

It IS Mr Missy's. It says right at the bottom of the ad, but I would have known it was them anyway, because I just got the same thing yesterday by email...

I don't really think it's that odd - they're just trying to move product and Craigslist is free, right? So they don't lose anything by advertising there, IMO..

I just got a few of their oils a couple weeks ago and they're pretty nice. I know they're closeouts, but I bought enough to carry me through a season so I feel I got a good bang for my buck. I will buy from them again.

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I don't think it can hurt calling but I wonder why it's so cheap.

I don't know him but from what I have read on this board it seems the guy is a bit wishy washey and changing stuff and policy around all the time.

I looked at the site under their wax section my first though is who would buy pre colored waxes?

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Now that's what I call a reputable supplier! LOL I guess all the Scentsy slots had been filled in his area ... gotta do something to turn a buck. Why not promise the moon to every yahoo while they munch on Moonpies, watch Maury, & wait for their next Gov't check. I wonder if there's a break if the truck delivers a full load to one trailerpark?


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I am leery of them because of other issues that I have seen posted. However, I see people posting lots of good stuff on Craigs list. My husband and I have both sold our vehicles through there. We have also bought fencing, gates, and other materials that we needed. It's a great place for free advertising, you get access to a ton of people. But, you do have to be very careful.

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I sold 2 of my blackberries on there. A lot of people are selling on craigslist now, even those people that used to sell on ebay. Don't have to worry about all of those fees. Cell phones and other electronics are considered high risk, so they keep your funds until the buyer is happy. If the buyer complains more then likely you will lose your money. Why deal with that when you can sell it in cash? I just meet my buyers at a place with a lot of people in the area (bank, restaurant etc.). They give me cash, I give them the product, they get a good deal, I save a lot of fees. It's a clever way to sell I think! :yay:

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