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Is there a trick to keep colors from fading in CP?


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I've done a couple of batches that were great when I put them to bed and after gelling, they faded. Purples, pinks, yellow, you name it. Is there some tips that you guys know of? Someone mentioned UV causes it, can you use a UV blocker like the kind used in candles? Any tips would be appreciated.


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some say that gelling does cause colors to fade...

i do gell my soaps..and take that into consideration with making soaps..

and maybe go with a bit more color...very few of my soaps have faded enough that i am unhappy with them...

and then it could be the type of colorant you are using..

i tend to stick with the ulra marines...oxides...pops micas from TKB trading..neons...and clays..

TkB trading...has a section of colors that are supposed to be good in cp soap making...if you have not tried them...look at their site..they have lots of colors..

but i just experiment and if i don't like the way it came out..try something else..

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I made two batches yesterday, both CPOP. I used blue oxide and aqua oxide to swirl for one batch and the other I used canary and lemon yellow labcolors (yellow didn't really fade) and pink ultramarine as a swirl. The batch with the blue and aqua stayed pretty good. The other batch, the yellow is pretty good, but the pink faded. I made a batch last week, with black oxide and purple ultramarine swirls and it faded to light grey and darker grey. I realise now that the purple morphs in the lye. It's just a bummer when you get the color and then watch it fade away.

I've been looking at micas for colorant, that will be my next purchase, just trying to reign in the spending right now.

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I highly recommend the pop micas. I have wasted so much money trying everything from lab colors to oxides to ultramarines. The TBK pop micas work every time, no fading , no morphing, I love them.

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