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Home Fragrance Oils--Again


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I've seen this discussed all over the board, but I just HAD to open the topic again because I'm wondering:

Is telling a person to add water to their burner safer than telling them NOT to on the warning label? Some people say it splatters, other say it's the only way to make sure they don't ignite.

I'm planning on mixing mine 50-50 DPG/FO. Personally, any time I've ever burned any home fragrance oil I'm added a few drops to a tea light style burner and let it go. It does get kinda sticky once it burns down all the way and you can only burn it a little while before it's really overwhelming, and yeah, it steams, but it's never caught on fire. Though I don't know I wanna tell my customers to burn them that way!

I can understand telling them to add water to an electric warmer or tea light style burner, but what about a lightbulb ring? I wouldn't think you'd want to add water to that? And all burners are different sizes, so how would much water would you tell them to add?

I looked at yankee's oils, and they just say "never add water to hot oils" and it add a "Few drops" to their burners. But I read on the site somewhere their fragrances are different than the ones we buy so you CAN only add a few drops. Is that true?

What's everybody's opinion on all this? I'm a little overwhelmed thinking about sorting all this out, but I'd rather that then get sued!

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I don't do these on a regular basis...but this is what I have on my label:

Use with a tealight warmer.

Fill the bowl 1/2 full with water.

Place a few drops of aroma oil in the bowl on the tealight warmer.

Light a tealight, and enjoy.

Keep a watch on the water in the tealight bowl...it will evaporate.

Add more water if needed.

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I tell my customers NOT to add water with the straight oil, due to the fact as stated above, the water does evaporate and the oil does splatter. I recommend to my customers to use a melt and add some refresher oil to the melted wax as the scent lessens or disappears.

And I really cannot see where water would make the fragrance oil not ignite, as it heats with the oil...and usually oil and water do not mix....and you don't put water on an oil fire......

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