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Does anyone know about polyvore.com?


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Two days ago I was checking my visit tracker on my site, and I found some coming from this site.

Following the link I came to a page showing one of my candles and I thought someone stole the pic.

But in the page there is the link to my site, so I investigated a bit and found out it's a site/blog that allows members to make their own "sets" of fashion clothes and objects..

My candle appears in 5 "sets", basically they are a collage of things, but the pics always point to producers/resellers sites.

Still I don't know I to find the candle among the pages LOL

So I thought it's easy and free advertising.

Anyone had the same thing happen? I believe it's a multilingual site.

Thanks for reading

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Apparently its a fashion and trend setting site. I found their blog here:


Offhand it does sound like free advertising and trend setting at that. But do they often just take pics from other sites and why didn't they send you an email about posting them and your link onto their site? I would at least get in touch with them and let them know you are aware of what they are doing.

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I would have expected an email too, but from what I seem to understand it's all made by users, it seems there's not someone who chooses and publish..

there are items from famous stylist also.

Edit (hit button too early)

maybe I'll write an email asking about the "service" and the purpose of the site!


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