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Large candle molds

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Dan, using "found" materials for molds is pretty straightforward and common sense. Since wax is liquid, the seal on the bottom has to be tight and the material has to be able to stand up to the temperature of the wax. You could use a piece of plywood (or a piece of corrugated plastic or cloroplast - like the material signs are made from) with the pipe sealed to it with silicone rubber sealant. The only consideration is remembering that demolding a huge mold is more difficult than shaking a pillar out of a mold. Gotta be careful not to ding up the candle in the process... There are wax-lined cardboard tubes made for concrete that come in different diameters - called QuikTubes - available from building supply places. Those are intended to be disposable, so one could tear the cardboard off the candle rather than having to try and shake it out. :)

Of course, wicking the beast would be another headache... guess one of those long electrician's drill bits would be useful... Testing would also be a bear... 10" diameter would mean a 10 hour testing period! *faint*

But it sure would be fun to make some BIG 'Uns!! :D

I found a few giant candle eye candy sites...




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