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I want to do the same, and went to their website, ordered some FO but could not find any info about shipping charges. Tried to send an email, but I received an email failure notification.

If you can find out abt. their shipping rate, please let us now.

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I just placed a small order yesterday. 2 Christmas scents and Creme Brulee.

The oils were 12.00 and have not received a ship notice yet and the charge is not showing up in my bank account yet. Will post what the shipping is when I know.

I usually get creme brulee from wix n wax, but they are out of alot of oils. There shipping always seemed a little high to me. I think they tacked on a handling charge. I could order 5-9 lbs. from BCN and shipping would be less than for 3 lbs. from wix n wax and we are in the same state.

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Yes, their Creme Brulee is what my customers love! No one elses. In another post I had posted that I ran out and used BCN's and they all asked if I had changed scent...my customers could tell. Creme Brulee is one of my best sellers year round.

I just love it! Also, if you want a good Leather, there's is awesome too!

Amber Romance is another good one! My customer's love it in soap!

Those are the only 3 I have used from them.



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I go to Starrville every week. So I know their oils. They have so many good ones. What kind of wax do you use? Their creme brulee is the best. It sells 5 times more than any other creme brulee I have gotten. Christmas Tradition, Pumpkin Bread, Brown Sugar and Fig, Cranberry Crush, Sunflower, Moonlight Path, Coolwater, Tuscan Gardens is the same as Tylers Diva. These are really good in soy. I use all their regular scents, like strawberry, pomerganite, Mexican vanilla, mulberry, muscadine wine is awesome. They have good strong scents. If you have some picked out that you want to know about you can send me a message. I can help. I don't know about the shipping. So I won't attempt that. :yay:

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Hey Texas Candle Factory, I just realized who I was replying to. You up and running again? I come down once a month. If you really get going and want to save the shipping from Starrville, I can pick them up for you. I am there every week. Hope you are doing well. deb:yay:

Well, I never really quit, but have cut way back...no shows for me this year or in the near future. Sent a PM to ya

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