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Newsletter Spamming


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Can anyone tell me the proper channel other than the FTC to report people that REFUSE to remove you from their newsletter and mass email lists?

I have unsubscribed from a particular newsletter 5 times already plus emailed the originator asking to be deleted. The unsubscribe link says I was successfully unsubscribed but they still send me nonsense emails. I just delete them but it is getting pretty annoying. Doesn't that fall under spamming?

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You can also go into your e-mail settings in the meanwhile and put them on your block/junk list. That should help to ensure that they go straight to your junk mail box.

But keep an eye on the e-mail they are coming from. I noticed that they will change the e-mail with one letter or number so you keep getting them. I just keep adding them to my block and delete them with the rest of my junk.

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This one is coming from a supplier that I don't do business with anymore. I know they got my email requesting removal and I have unsubscribed 5 times. They must really want my business, but sadly it's never going to happen.

I get emails all the time from the regular spammers. I wish there was a do not email list like the do not call list.

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I get e-mails from some I never purchased from and also some I never ask to be put on their newsletter list or mailing list. I just e-mailed them the other day and e-mailed over a month ago to explain it is holding up my computer all day what they send.I have dial up and it took 1 whole day to get 10 e-mails I had coming after their advertisement. I hope they get it and quit. Glad to know there is to complain. I am FED up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband got home and I think he may have put it under junk mail. Had to ask someone else my husband works with to take us off his e-mail list.I spent 12 hours and his 1 e-mail went through about 20 times.Took almost 1 1/2 hours each time it went through. I get so fed up.

Those pics are killers.


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