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Fixative or Forget It?


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I was watching a woman's soap making video on youtube and she used a "fixative". I couldn't make out what she said it was but she was following a recipe she found.

She said that the fixative was for citrus fragrances which tend to weaken in soap over time. I made a soap with orange essential oil a while back and it seems pretty weak.

Can anyone recommend a good fixative for citrus essential oils such as orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit and where I can get it?



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Fixatives are just using a little amount of an essential oil that anchors the lighter scent. One that works well for lavender is just a touch of Ylang Ylang.

I just used Clary sage in pink grapefruit and it is working very well. And I use balsam peru for peppermint and lemongrass eos.

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You can always use Litsea Cubeba EO as an anchor (fixative) for all of the citrus' as well as most anything.

That's what I think it was! She used 1/4 tsp in her 1lb test batch. I have not seen this EO anywhere. Where do you get it? And what ratio would you use?

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