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What is this 'stuff' on my soap?


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I made some M&P soap last week and have had it sitting in my work area. It (all the smaller ones from molds and bars from another batch) has this 'coating' on it. It brushes off but I'm not sure what it is. I read somewhere on here about something like this but thought it was for CP...now I can't find that thread.:confused:

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Could your soap be "sweating"? Without actually seeing them I couldn't tell for sure but it is a pretty common thing with bases that have a really high glycerin content or if the humidity goes up. It can sometimes have a crystalized bumpy look to it.

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wrap them in saran wrap tightly and keep them out of humid area's, try storing in a dark place, like a closet.

I keep mine wrapped, in a paper bag, in a box in the closet.

If you have to store them in a garage, still wrap them tightly and maybe put them in a tub with a tight lid.

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