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Anyone Use Joy Wax From Natures Garden?

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It produces a smooth and creamy looking end product, but both cold and hot throw were quite poor. However, in its defense I must say that I'm one who's satisfied when I pass out by the throw strength! :laugh2: Oh, one more thing, the reviews you read on the NG website are dated. For more recent reviews, just google "Joywax reviews"; the vast majority are negative reviews. Seems that something changed about this wax, and not for the better!

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I have been using this wax since NG first started selling it. It was AMAZING at first. And yes it has gotten alot of bad reviews in more recent times. I for one have never ever (until just this month) had one problem with joywax. This most recent batch I received has got some water in it. From what Im reading on this forum, that is no big deal. And I am finding I can still work with it.

The cold throw....I really dont know if I could even rate it. I never leave a candle sitting out somewhere and expect it to scent a room without burning. They smell great when you take the lid off....yeah? lol.

The hot throw is awesome. And I only use 1oz/pp fo. Every fragrance Ive tried, from several suppliers has had the same great results.

My customers love my candles, and I have had people faithfully buying from me for years. So if the cold throw bothers them, it must not be much.

Ive tried using different wicks..and to me, thats the key. To get great scent throw I only use zinc cored wicks. This is just my experience.

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I loved this wax when I first started making candles. I used it for many years before I noticed that something had changed with it. My CT and HT both were not at all what they used to be. I'm not sure what the temps were now that I poured or anything b/c I have been using soy for the past 3 years now rather than the joy. I know that the Joy was not performing for me like it had in the past when I stopped using it. I loved the way the candles looked once they were finished as well as how they burned. I used an ounce of FO pp also but the last 3 cases I had of this wax I could barely smell a thing when I would burn my candles and I even let them sit for weeks before I would burn them hoping that they would cure to give me a stronger HT.

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