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6006 vs 4630

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For those of you that have used both, what is your impression as to which one throws the best with most FO's?

I've used both & am wondering if the 4630 actually throws better, but I hear so many saying they LOOOOVE the 6006, wondered what the rest of you think.

Thanks, Vanessa

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I have used both. The throw seems great in both, but you will notice a difference in other qualities. Wicking is easier with the 4630, IMO. Set up is different, and 4630 leaves the jar clean whereas 6006 leaves a slimey residue. You will have to test yourself to see which quirks you can live with and which you can't. hth:)

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I am still testing the 6006 and have tested the 4630 and the 4627. I found the wicking to be impossible with the 4630 or the 4627. The 4627 is very messy to work with but does have an incredible ht/ct. The 4630 is easier to work with but soots easily and does not seem to have quite the throw as the 4627. the 6006 has not left a residue in my testing but does break down after burning and looks pretty messy with loss of adhesion(wet spots). I have added palm oil (not wax) and find that this fixes that problem nicely. The ht is not what I would like, even after curing for several days but the wax is extremely easy to wick. Pouring it at 180 into cold jars will get you a perfect looking candle. Ht does not seem to improve with higher percentages of fo. All aside, I like this wax and the burn is very clean. Some people add 15 percent soy to the 6006 for improved wax stability (avoid holes around the wick) and this works quite well too. HTH.

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