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Candle Rub-Ons

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I purchased some rub on decals from Hobby Lobby a while back. I put them on the candle and burned it just to see what would happen. I did put these on a standard size taper candle so the decals were very close to the flame. I caught one of them on fire by doing this. It put itself out when it reach the solid candle but I would not recommend these if you are going to sell.

I also purchased some rub on decal paper from a decal paper place on line. When I contacted them about the safety of the product they stated the candle would be safe to burn "but like any candle needs to be done so under supervision." I could never get the decals that I printed out on this paper to look good so I gave up on them.

Now the waterslide decal paper, I put on a candle and tried to catch it on fire. What I found with these was that the decal would sink into the melt pool and would not catch on fire. But the thing with the waterslide paper was that it did not melt or dissolve so as I burned the candle longer and longer, I ended up with more and more in the melt pool. I never did manage to catch it on fire though.

HTH with the safety of these decals. :)

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