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Soap Fairies anyone?!?!


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I just wanted to share my experience this evening. I am not blonde but this was certainly a blonde moment.. . I had been cleaning all day, just got a new sofa so the living room needed rearranging and cleaning but I had to get a batch of soap in. I should have called it quits and taken a nap before work but noooo I just had to make my soap. I should know better. I should know that the fairies come when you are tired and have no business soaping. I started making my lye water and went over on my lye so I poured it down the drain and started over. Ok I can deal with that. Then I measure and melt my shea and go to add my (soupy) coconut oil and slop it all over the handle of my bowl, my scale, the counter and me. I went through about a half a roll of paper towels just cleaning up after my own clumsy self. I have been having trouble with my recipe tracing faster than it used to (the only thing I can figure is the water discount, next batch I will try full water and see if it helps) so I hurry up and mix my FO and seperate my soap to do an in the log swirl. I get all my soap in the mold and swirl it up and realize that I did not add the stupid bentonite clay and this is my acne soap...so for kicks I sprinkled a heaping table spoon on top (only 1/3 of what it should have been) and stir until I thought my arm would fall off. Slam, slam slam slam that baby on the counter and then on the floor for good measure and then put the top on a beat taht down too.

damn it! I am going to have to rebatch....uuuuhhhhhhhhhh

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