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is this the right price


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Selling this type of jar for $14, is that too much or not enough? I know, I know look at my cost etc....I have . Just curious what is the going price for something like this?;)

Total amount of wax / fo = 12oz

Also do I advertise this as a 12 oz jar since I only put 12oz wax in it or a 14 oz jar ( holds 14oz completely full.) :tiptoe:


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I was selling that type of jar with a flat lid...only the 10 oz. and it holds roughly 8 oz. of wax. My price was $10.00 and they sold great.

But as Scented said...you will have to see what price works in your area.

Also...I use Net weight on my labels. My price signs are different. I state that it's a 10 oz. Shouldered Jelly Jar...but the label says Net wt. 8 ozs.

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