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  1. We are going to be doing that with a lot of the other inventory we have in our store. There is a group i think based in Arizona that takes donations for pagan military stationed overseas. I thought about putting the candles in that as well, but fear the heat will melt them. I like Vicky's idea of the battered womens shelter.
  2. I'm going through my inventory, and cleaning out scents i'm not going to carry anymore and i'm wondering where do you donate candles too? They are mainly votives.
  3. I bought a couple molds from the classies, but candlewick sells them. I use my regular 4630 container wax with TL-15 wicks and clear plastic cups you can buy as well. I've also just poured them into the cups myself as well.....I find them easy to make. I get my cup and wicks from candle science because they are close to home, and the cheapest place i've found....not sure what shipping would cost you. I use small dixie cups to pour them, till i got an old creamer tin pour pot thingy i use when pourng small amounts of wax. The made ones last longer, at least that's what i'm told by my customer who only buys tealights then the store bought ones, and she likes the smell better too. I also sell them by the dozen at the same price yankme sells them for.
  4. I use 5oz and 8oz apothecary jars from CS, and 10% FO. I've found the HTP62 works for the 5oz jar and the HTP62 works as a double wick for the 8oz that is 4inches in size.
  5. cool, i'm going to use them for my melts and votives so can label and price them...
  6. Vicky that place is cheaper then Uline is
  7. That rocks, thanks Vicky. Thinking about using them for my votives since i can't figure out how to make shrink wrap work right
  8. Anyone know of a place to get these? The only place i've seen them so far is on C&S and at $30 for 120 that get's pretty steep. http://shop.candlesandsupplies.com/candles/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=Candles&category%5Fname=Packaging&product%5Fid=SB34&path=Packaging
  9. Sorry i was half asleep when i posted this. It is melts and votives. Right now i've got them in the shoe box containers separately, then in a bigger tub.
  10. I'm trying to adjust storage and minimize the amount of space i take up. If i put a divider between the candles so they don't touch will the scents mix together?
  11. okay you've convenced me if it isn't broke not to fix it. I'll keep the 8oz jars, and i'll keep the 5oz jars for another season and see what happens. Thanks for all the input.
  12. I've got a 5oz jar as well, but only sold one of them. I sold more of the 8oz jars. I'm trying to limit down the line from 2 jar types, tarts, and votives. When we go to faire we have a lot of stuff that get's set up other then my candles, and the table space get's tight. I'm going to be making better displays for the candles then what i have right now over the winter months. I'm also thinking of trying to make the candles look a bit more period to medieval england, that's why i'm looking at different jar types...
  13. Okay so we do a lot of Renaissance type faires right now i'm using these jars with flat top lids http://candlescience.com/containers/8oz-apothecary-jar/ I'm debating on changing to these 8oz jelly jars with a rustic lid http://candlescience.com/containers/8oz-jelly-jar/ or 8oz tins (kind of like being able to put them on a warmer not sure if you can with a tin) I know it'll be back to testing again, but I'm planning on going back into the testing world because a couple of customers informed me of one scent the keeps drowning out even if it didn't for me. Any opinions?
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