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  1. you vending or shopping Dcroome?
  2. That's an idea i didn't think about that. I'm looking at votive, melt, 8oz and 5oz jars with i'm not thinking of bringing down the scent list to 10 instead of 17. DW just told me they are expecting 70,000 to attend over the 2 days.........
  3. was so excited i couldn't type :laugh2:i meant dining room. Probably need some shelving for storage hehehe.
  4. So we just got in the mail our acceptance letter to the Newport News Fall Festival. This is the biggest craft fest in the area...Looks like i'm buying 2 more presto pots 1 fair next week, 1 in july, 2 in september and now the festival in october....I'm taking over the lving room and dinging room too
  5. Thanks top, trying not to have more then 2 waxes ass i'm still testing. DW wants tapers so i'm debating on making them for her
  6. would IGI 4625 be a high enough MP paraffin? I know the congeal point is 142?
  7. looks like a mini warmer, with a flickering LED light to make it look like a candle.
  8. I've noticed a lot of new people come here and asking questions without giving any important information. I figured I'd help all of us out. When you ask a question about a candle you are working with the following is VERY IMPORTANT What wax type What Wick types you have tried - please don't try one wick and say it's not working. What FO What % FO What size candle - IE 3x6 pillar, 8oz jelly jar... What additives are you using maybe even what vendor the FO is from If anyone else has more to add please do.
  9. Hey i'm the DH here, and i'm making the money and sending it right out the door with the supplies :laugh2:
  10. Suds_n_Flamez is related to honeybear73, who created honeybear73 because they were sharing suds_n_flamez and they got in an argument or something like that...so if you know the sudz_n_flamez you should know honeybear73.. just my observation...
  11. It was and wasn't worth the frustration, They did tear apart the business plan, and said we need demographics, and that at the moment is all we are missing Sadly because we don't have the assests we aren't able to go any farther.
  12. DW went with business plan in hand and all kinds of other stuff when we were looking for startup money to open our store and she came home with less hair...
  13. put it in the freezer for 15 minutes.
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