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I am very new to candle making. I decided to be a little daring and try layering. Not to bad for a first timer at least I didn't think so. I have not done a test burn on the layered ones yet will do that in a bit. However the peach colored one is scented in Pumpkin Patch and has been burning for at least 13 hours. It pooled all the way to the sides and is burning the whole way down. No wax left on the sides and I can smell it with my stuffy nose. Not strong but I can smell it so I am assuming it has a good scent throw.

These votives were made with a combonation of glass glow from candlescience and IGI 1724 Mottling Wax from Lonestar Candle Supplies. I also added just a bit of stearic and vybar.

Tan layer is Cinnamon Crunch Cake

White Layer is Toasted Marshmallow

Brown Layer is Chocolate

The peach colored votive is Pumpkin Patch

These aren't for selling just for fun and learning. Thanks for looking. Kelly


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Thanks everyone. I appreciate your compliments. So far its burning nicely. Not sure if this one will last as long as I ran out of wicks, but if nothing else it will tell me how long that wick will last in a votive. I'm not sure about smell so of course I'll have to test these out again once I can smell. I am so sick right now its not funny.

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