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Ky Para-Soy Tart/Votive Blend ?

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I use their "KY All Natural Pillar/Votive Wax". Is that the one you're referring to? I heat to 195-200, add FO at that temp and pour at 175. Have never had a problem with scent throw and, in fact, have had compliments on how long the fragrance lasts.

If we are talking about the same wax -- KY's Para-Soy Tart/Votive blend -- this is what I have read as well when I researched it. Maybe you are talking about Ky All Natural Pillar/Votive Wax. ?? I bought a sample bag of the Para-Soy Tart/Votive Wax and poured some and tested. I thought the texture of the wax was perfect for my particular application and the throw was really good as well. However, I did not really focus on how long the throw lasted with vaious scents. I have not gotten that far yet with it. I did get slight dimples on top, but I can live with that. It has a good texture, hot throw and cold throw. I tried mixing my own blend but ended up not happy enough with the texture and how it aged on the shelf. I hope I don't end up dissapointed. I heated to 176, added FO, stirred and poured at 150. Do you find that pouring 175 is better than 150?

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Tootie you will love it. That's what I use for my tarts and will be making votives soon

I am glad to see that!! I should have paid by cc instead of paypal though. I have not been invoiced yet and if my order does not go out monday I wont get it till NEXT monday.:(


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I use KY Para-Soy tart blend and love it. The tarts are creamy and I never have a problem with the hot throw. I have discovered that if your tart warmer gets too hot, your fragrance burns off more quickly, so you might want to try a different tart warmer next time just to see if that might be your problem. I have been buying from KY for years, I have tried other brands but have never found a tart wax as good as the para-soy blend.:smiley2:

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