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Good Luck at Your Shows This Weekend!!


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There is a big thing where I live this weekend. A city wide yard sale. Needless to say I am a little bummed because I could have had stuff right on one of the main roads downtown for free...but... I am just not satisfied that my products are everything they can be yet. I mean I always get compliments on them when I give them away but not yet. I guess I could have done tarts to get my name out there but theres always next time. I WILL SELL NO CANDLE BEFORE ITS TIME LMAO.

Forgot to say goodluck to everyone. Guess I decided I would hijack the thread and rant instead LOL

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I'm Back....:smiley2:

I did not know what to expect from this show.

It was my first time at this outdoor festival and with the way the economy is, I did not expect to do to well..

But you would not know there were any problems with the economy.

I did 10X+ my booth fee.. So I am very pleased.

The artist next to me was selling his artwork like crazy!!

(His pictures ran from $55.00-295.00+)

So people are buying..:grin2:

There was only 2 other chandlers there.

LOTS of jewelry stands!!

All payments were made in cash except for (4 ) Credit Card purchases.

Hope you all did well too!!

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Day one sales picked up so that's good. Guess we were scouted three times by the same place and guess they've started adding pillars and who knows what else to resemble our look ... joy, joy, joy. Rockin' was tired of being scouted I think lol.

Top seller is our bath bombs ... holy cow I made like 90+ and he went and sold a bunch. I think he fainted when a gal came and bought 21 of them lol.

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