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I tested a few oils mixed with dpg @ 50/50 over the weekend. I used an open oil burner with glass dish. Open meaning it was not enclosed where the heat from the tealight would build up.

The fragrance was great but I noticed after a while it had a vapor trail coming off of the oil. The glass dish was not too hot to touch and was actually ok to pick it up off of the stand. I went ahead and blew out the tealight just to be safe.

After the dish cooled, I added water and relit. Still got the vapor trail and noticed that the water evaporated rather quickly.

I've done some research and see where some places claim to sell undiluted home fragrance oils. That makes me nervous just thinking about adding straight fragrance oil to a burner.

I really do need some input here because I would like to offer maybe 12 fragrances for the holidays. What is your experience with the oils ? Do you mix or use undiluted? Do you tell your customers to add to water or not?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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We mix ours using OO and FO and never tell our customers to add water. Oil and water don't mix! When the water evaporates / burns off it will sizzle and crack your pot. Ask me how I know. :laugh2:

We tried it with the tea light warmer and learned the lesson quickly! We use mostly electric warmers now, which are a bit more forgiving. We've never had smoke or steam with our electric ones, but we sure did with our tea lights!

We test in both and I never dilute in water anymore. One cracked pot was enough! LOL

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