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soycandle.com closed


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Bummer. I got my last bunch of wax from them as they were the cheapest with shipping even though not close to me. Glad I still have enough for fall before I have to start searching again. Its sad to see these suppliers closing up but it's tough to make it these days.

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Oh no...............I can't find anyone's creme brulee that even comes close to theirs!

I just emailed Melissa to find out what was going on and then I did a search on here and found out the news...............I'm bummed! They have an awesome Pumpkin Pie that can't be compared to anyone else's!

You just never know now days................the cost of everything going up is really hurting small business's.............including mine!


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This really frustrates me! I had another company a couple years ago that just "disappeared" - they disconnected their phone #, took down the website, and never returned emails.

I understand there could be several factors for closing; whether it's personal, a tragedy, or loss of funds. The reason doesn't have to be disclosed obvisously, but it would be nice if they'd post they are closing for good or if they're just on a hiatus!

I buy the Christmas Splendor and Fresh Cut Pine, both which are on my fundraiser lists - and of course I just went to order a huge amount! YIKES! I am in big trouble!:undecided

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