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Beware Another Scam...


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Here is another scam I received today. So beware of this person.


I am Donald Williams ,we will like to order some of your products and we will want it ship to our company in South Korea:

Shipping Details..


11th Fl, Kyobo Building,

1 Jongno 1-Ga, Jongno-Gu,

Seoul,137 700

Republic of Korea (South)

We will want you to resend us your web page address so we can send you our orders and we will also like to know if you do accept Credit Card as a means of payment.Please let us hear from you as soon as possible.Thank you and Have a nice day.

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I got that same one from a rev. Sounded like he (or she) spoke another language and used one of those online translators. Here's what mine said:

Dear Sir/Madam.

My name is Rev.Bob May weather and i will like to know if you do carry Candels in stock for if yes i will like you to please get back to me with the Type you got in stock with there Prices and also the type of Credit Card you take for us to Process the order i will be awaiting on your e-mail with there Prices thanks.

Doesn't even make sense.

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I got the same email from the Rev. lol i did send him a scent list with prices and took off my town and phone numbers. LOL I wanted to mess with them if they replied but haven't heard from the good Rev. yet. hehe :D

And I feel proud it was my first scammer email! ::tongue2:

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