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OK... What's the trick?

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I am using Accu10 Pure Soy from Swan's. Heated to 190. FO AT 8%. and I poured at 175. Not only that but this has never happened before. at the crest of my candles there are lines, it almost looks like a "ring" around the diameter of the candle where the wax stops. What the heck is that from.

I am seriously thinking about stop using pure soy and going to a para-soy blend. People still buy para-soy candles, right?

And here I thought I had the art mastered. Darn things. lol

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Is this the product you bought from BC 'cause I did not see any USA...?

aUniv - Universal Additive PF4734 - 187 melt point pellets

It says that their UA can be used in "all types" of candles, but not sure how it would do in soy, as a lot of folks don't heat their soy wax up that high... It kinda sounds like it didn't get all melted in... I haven't used the product you purchased from BC, but the stuff from JBN has a 156°-162° melting point.When I use the USA from JBN, it melts and disappears into the wax.

Do you have a photo of your "problem" candle?

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