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Best Sellers for Fall Season? Any suggestions?

karen lynn

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So far I'm selling out of:

I just poured all of these today for orders.

BW Honey Gingerbread

JS Coffee Cake & Spice

JS Pumpking Patch-ouli

JS Pumpkin Custard Spice

JS Iced Cranberry

Peaks Amish Harvest

BC Harvest

JS Hot Buttery Cinnamon

I also poured today, JS Hot Maple Toddy and it's smells soo good OOB and in wax (6006).

These FO's are selling like hotcakes! Just bought 2 lb. of each, and I'm down to 8 oz. of each as of today!

My retailers are so ready for FALL scents, it's just crazy! I'ts August!

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Pumpkin Bread is a top seller for me, MC's Cozy Home, Spiced Pear, Back To School (apples and cinnamon) C reme brulee, Caramel Pecan Pie, My own fall blend,(yum), Coon Dog Punch, Country Berry. But I add and blend most of my scents. So they are different than what you order. Just to let you know. :smiley2:

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It is hard to come up with non foodie ones. I thought about that myself. You could probably do an autumn flower. Not sure which ones are autumn. Oranges and Cloves are not AS foodie. Oh I know. Sandlewood and Nag Champa mixed. The earthy scents are good for fall. Orange Patchouli, Sandlewood Vanilla. Anything rustic. I sell a lot of leather in the fall. And Leather Vanilla. Maybe this will give you some ideas. Still got some food in them, lol:D

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