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Looking for other suppliers of this container

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Dollar Tree for $1.00 each!!!!! That is the same container that I use and I purchase them over the internet under DollarTreeDirect. It is so easy to order them and they will ship them to a store close to where you live. I just order mine and then go pick them up. I think they charge me $4.95 for shipping/handling. When I pick them up the manager even loads them in my vehicle for me. I am actually going to go pick up 10 cases this Friday, so I will be really busy this weekend, 12 containers in a box.

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Yep, Dollar Tree. I've been getting them for about 2 yrs now. These are Libbey 12oz cubes. I think I have about 200 on hand, I just buy them up every time they get a shipment, but as Marcus said, you can order them online in case quantities. You need to ask the mgr at your local store for an order form, so the online site has all the info needed for proper shipment. You will be asked for the sku # & upc code, so let us know if you can't find them in stock & need that info. I think you can even fill out a tax id form, but I don't want to bother w/ the time factor ... I doubt you could buy these for $1.08 anywhere, even w/ free shipping.


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I'd also like to know what everyone else does about covering these. I have a couple of pictures posted, both bagged and shrink wrapped, and I decided to go with shrink wrap--but I'd sure like to do it an easier way! (post #13 in this thread):


Anybody have the perfect cover?

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