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Help with coloring Pink Sugar soap

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wonder if coton candy fragrance from thecandlesource is the same as far as discoloration? Dang I'm glad I (edit)asked you folks(end edit) before ordering for soap!

My guess would be that it would since most FOs that are sweet (have vanilla in it) will discolor to a dark color. There are however some vanillas that are non-discoloring.

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I received a soap from a friend using the vanilla stabilizer and SW's Pink Sugar.

She also added some TD and pink clay beads.

I don't think she'd mind me posting this

This is at 2 weeks


That's nice! Just off the top of my head, I wonder how a pink colored mica in place of the beads (along w/ the TD) would look?

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I thought about trying it too and just not premixing the mica. Maybe just sprinkle a little in before trace? The only place I can find the clay beads is from a supplier in Australia.

I love that soap! It's delicate and feminine but would fit in with my rustic/natural/primitive look...whatever that is LOL.

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