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Why is shipping so expensive???


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I just ordered tealight and votive acetate boxes. My order came to 180.00 and my shipping is 130.00 holy cow!! I live in Canada and there is still customs on top of that. How in the world can I find good quality packaging for a good price? The shipping kills us all in Canada! My normal canadian supplier of these sells tealight pkg for .75 + shipping. So i thought .31 was a great deal till I saw the shipping price.

Am i still saving money? My goodness!

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100 boxes in a box in canada is 75$ (of tealight), plus shipping charges. So really they are close to 1.00 each once they get here.

So I bet once my U.S. order gets here the price would end up being equal to what I usually pay anyway.

Geeze! i just can't get a break!

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I am in Canada too and look wistfully at all the great prices in the States. BUT - the shipping is always so high that that great price isn't so great by the time you are done. Lots of thing just aren't offered here. I have 2 Canadian suppliers that I use one more expensive than the other but the shipping is lower. Would really love votive clamshells but no one sells them here.

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Have you ever thought of a canadian only co-op? Maybe you could get a shipping break if you order in bulk. This is way out of my league but just a thought.

That shipping is KA_razy, I feel ashamed for complaining about shipping here from some suppliers. :o

edited to say I was bored so I did a search. HTH





I found them here this is a handy list to have


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I am in New Zealand and the shipping is a killer, I have to buy in bulk and ship by sea and of course the disadvantage is that it takes so long. I also can't just get samples flown over as it is very pricy.

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