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Another idea for jar labels (hiding spots)

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If you want repeat sales, I would worry about all the contact info being on a hangtag that would be thrown away. Also, we do not have a website, so most of our sales are from shows. I would be afraid that by the time they traveled, the cello would be looking kind of worn.

If you have no way of making or ordering labels and just want to get your items out there, and like the way they look, then go for it!

Just make sure that you do have the warning labels on the jar somewhere....

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I think I've tried every which way. I've had some tell me that they love the hang tags because they can remove them and place by their computer for reorders and others tell me they just get lost! I always put my info on the caution label on the bottom, regardless of whether there is another label, hang tag or bagged candle. I get bored easy, so I change things up from time to time. If you're really trying to find out what works for your customers, make some each way and ask for feedback.

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