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Favorite lip balm base

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I promise I did a thorough search and did not find anything about favorite lip balm base:D

Anyhoo, I went though tons of sites last night looking for a base thats just amazing. A couple of them were Soo expensive, like $36 for 16oz.

Just wanted to hear if there were a couple bases that were worth sharing.

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I use ONLY the base from BCS as it is selling like hotcakes!

Down here in my area, we have plenty of men that do outside work, hauling hay, using their bare hands to rub the rust off an old metal pole that's been rusted over for years (that's my BIL) as if they were sand paper, etc... I used this base and made lotion bars and put them into some gift baskets I had as prizes at my last Holiday Sale at my shop. Well, Shirley, the winner of one of the baskets told me that she gave the lotion bar to her DH, scented in Pink Sugar mind you, and it is the only product that has "cured and healed" the deep cracks in the palms of his hands. She says she has tried everything from over the counter and prescription and nothing worked, except this stuff. She's purchased another one since, and the word has spread. My lotion bar customers are all MEN! And they love it, even my FIL. Of course, my MIL told my FIL, to not put that lotion bar on his hands before bed, because she couldn't stand the smell - of Pink Sugar! LOL

So, since, I've made some in mens fragrances and unscented, for those that are "scent challenged"! LOL

So, if it can work on these rough, dry and cracked Farmer hands, imagine what it can do for the lips!

I'm all about BCS lip balm base.

My 2 cents on this subject.

Thanks for asking,


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For the most part I just make my own...so easy!

But I've used BCN before and thought that was nice.

I'd heard decent things about OT's but it's not holding up well in the heat (I live in MN so it's not like it's *that* hot!) plus it has a weird aftertaste so I'll pass on using any more of it.

But srsly - making your own is so easy. Play a bit to get a recipe you like and then make in bulk so you always have your own base to use!

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