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Lotion without stearic

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I need some help formulating a lotion recipe without stearic acid. I know it can be done, but I've never tried it before. I figured I would just use more hard oils. Should I use more e-wax than normal? These are the ingredients I have on hand:

cocoa butter

shea butter

babbasu oil

76 degree coconut oil

castor oil

soybean oil

olive oil


optiphen plus and germall plus

I was thinking 77% water, 3% e-wax, 10% shea, 5% babbasu, and 5% castor. Then FO and preservative. Does that look okay, or will it have problems thickening?

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IMO if you up the e-wax, you can really feel a waxy film on your skin.

I agree Carrie. I find this happens when I up e-wax... the lotion is hard to spread, and has a serious drag.

I find stearic thickens up my lotions well, without using so much e-wax. It's a must in my emulsified body butters. Makes them thick and creamy.

If you don't want to use stearic, have you considered Cetearyl/Stearyl Alcohol? This stuff is the shiznit. :)

But yes, using just e-wax can be done, you'll just have to up those amounts. :)

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It's not that I dislike stearic in lotions. I've always used it without problems, but I can't find my ziploc bag of stearic acid. :rolleyes2 I thought I had some cetaryl alcohol from making the holy grail scrub too, but apparently I lost it as well... I really need to get my supplies more organized.

And the lotion is for my mom for mother's day. I'm afraid if I order more stearic, it won't be here in time. I think I'm just going to replace the castor with cocoa butter, then I'll have all solid oils, so it should firm up. May up the e-wax to 4% too.

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