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Help! DBL wicking 9oz bulb jar

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Hello:smiley2: Can someone possibly give me a starting point for double wicking the 9oz bulb jar from the Jar store and the 8 oz seamless tins. I have tried single wicking and it just doesn't work.

I have tried many different wicks and just cant make it work in either container. If you can help me it would be such a blessing. I am getting so frustrated. I am fairly new to candle making, I have been at it for 1 year now. I understand the chemistry very well but the wicks are a-lot trickier.



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Seems like it would be hard to double up with the bulb jar, because of the shape, but you could probably do it with the tin.

What wicks did you like the best in your wax so far? I would start with that series, then go down a couple of sizes from the one that didn't make a full melt pool. For instance, if you thought LX26 had all the qualities you like - throw, flame height ... but they only didn't make a full melt pool, I would take a couple LX 22 and try them.

HTH :)

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Hi Tootie, and Jeana. I am using Calwax cb3 . I have tried several different wicks and the one that has done the best so far is a cd18, however I think 2 of those would be a flame thrower.

With the cd18 I had a complete mp with the exception of 1/4 to 1/16 of an inch hang up one side of the candle also there was very little mushroom if you could even call it that.



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Did you test burn all the way down?? If so go up to a CD 20 and see how that does. If not then continue to TB all the way down. It may very well catch up further down the jar. I have found that the full MP on the first one or two burns is not exactly what I am looking for because then the wick can be too hot in the bottom of the jar.

I would NOT double wick that jar. oh and the bulb jars can be REALLY hard to wick too. Maybe look for a jar with straight or slightly tapered sides.


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