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Similiar wick to a LX 24

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Does anyone know which wick and size would be similiar to a LX 24? Once again, I ended up not having another size in a nother wick. First, I did not have one size down from a CD-14, so I tried an LX 22 which I have plenty of. The LX 22 ended up being too small so a tried a LX-24 out of a sample bag (only 5 in there), but I don't have any more of the LX-24's other than the sample pack which seems to be working well so far. I may have another wick here that could work but not sure what other wick would be similiar to a LX-24. I guess I could order some more LX's. Unfortunately, none of the places close by carry the LX's. At least TCS ships USPS. I am tired of waiting for things. :tongue2::o

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