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Review - Logan Bear Custom HDPE Soap Mold

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When I needed custom HDPE soap molds, the first supplier I thought of was our own up-and-coming mold maker, itsmejeffd -- also known as Logan Bear Candles. We exchanged a few PMs and a week later there were molds on my doorstep. The equipment fully met my expectations.

My particular molds are designed to make a block of soap sized 10 x 10-1/2 x 2 1/2. They're made of sturdy 1/2-inch HDPE with a silky-smooth surface finish instead of the "orange peel" texture you sometimes see. The parts are securely held together by 3 sets of hardware, top and bottom.

To be more accurate, the parts are securely held together by precise workmanship -- the hardware is insurance. Initial assembly is aided by a few gentle taps with a rubber mallet to seat everything nicely. At that point, without even installing the hardware, I was completely certain that I could make soap with no worries and no leakage.

The nicely-designed cover shown in the photos is optional. It goes between the two higher walls of the mold and has grooves that fit over the two outer pieces of hardware, holding it perfectly in place. The center hardware goes over the cover. Tighten gently and your batch is ready to withstand moderately violent seismic events.

I can't review these as no-liner molds, because personally I line them with reusable pieces of Mylar. I need the sides to have as perfect a finish as possible, so I don't take any chances. However, I'm pretty sure I've read comments from at least one person here who successfully uses Jeff's molds unlined.

It's hard to think of any drawbacks to these molds, seeing as they're exactly what I wanted and expected. The one small thing that occurred to me is that the slots for the hardware are cut vertically, so it drops down when you loosen it. Some molds have horizontal slots so that the hardware stays put when loose. I imagine there wouldn't be a problem making a mold like that if requested.


  • Custom-sized HDPE soap molds.
  • Fast service and reasonable prices.
  • Excellent fit and finish.
  • Designed to go to war.
  • Highly recommended!




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