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M&P and Shea Butter


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Don't add too much. 2TBS per pound of base is about as much as I'd go. Also when ever you add a hard oil to your soap base you can add liquids as well to help with the bubbles. I do glycerin, it's great for lather. Others like to add liquid soap. I usually just try to keep the hard and soft oils balanced as much as possible.

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Sure, you could do that. I was thinking more along the lines of something with no added fragrance, but you can add whatever you want. I've added lotion and cold cream before lol. Seriously, you can put whatever you want in your soap. If you think it might add moisturizing or bubbles, or whatever other property comes to mind then try it! I like using vegetable glycerin for the added bubbles best so far. It really works well with my goat's milk bars, and my MP soap is VERY bubbly!

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